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Stay Tuned for the Wildlife Insights Launch in 2019

Currently, camera trap users must manually identify species photographed in images. The fastest users can tag several hundred images per hour.

Wildlife Insights uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify species in images, which will save tens of thousands of hours humans spend doing a repetitive task. This will shift significant resources and human power from identifying images to using the data to make more informed decisions to protect wildlife.

Whether you are starting a small project or launching a national initiative, Wildlife Insights is being built to help you use wildlife data.

Use Wildlife Insights with your existing data

Upload your entire catalog of photos in bulk so you can access and analyze all of your existing and future data in one place. The new Wildlife Insights platform makes uploading data and images easier than ever.


Share insights from your own tools

Even if you're not ready to change data management systems, you can still share your data via our API. You'll be able to access our tools to automatically identify and analyze your entire collection of photos.

Start Contributing Data Now

Use eMammal or Wild.ID to get started

Try one of our partner tools to get started. Once Wildlife Insights launches, you'll be able to easily move your photos and data from either of these platforms.