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The TEAM Network is moving to Wildlife Insights

Thank you for your patience as the TEAM Network and the Wildlife Picture Index Analytics system migrates to Wildlife Insights.

If you'd like to download TEAM Network data during this transition, please contact [email protected]

What is the TEAM Network?

The Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network, originally a partnership between Conservation International, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Smithsonian Institute, uses standardized methods to collect near-real time data on biodiversity, climate and land-cover change in 17 sites across Africa, Asia and Latin America. TEAM was created to establish an early warning system for tropical forests, with the goal of better understanding how forests and wildlife are responding to changes at local, regional and global scales.

Since mid-2017, the TEAM Network has transitioned to a voluntary, decentralized network of partners who are continuing to collect data on biodiversity in tropical forests, mostly on terrestrial vertebrates.

TEAM Network sites

What is Wild.ID?

Wild.ID is a software application that can manage and process large amounts of digital camera trap data and make it available to the wider camera trapping community. It can run locally on a laptop or desktop computer, without requiring an Internet connection, and has the ability to run on multiple operating systems; an intuitive navigational user interface with multiple levels of detail (from individual images, to whole groups of images) which allows users to easily manage hundreds or thousands of images; ability to automatically extract EXIF and custom metadata information from digital images to increase standardization; availability of embedded taxonomic lists to allow users to easily tag images with species identities; and the ability to export data packages consisting of data, metadata and images in standardized formats. Wild.ID users will be able to easily sync with the Wildlife Insights platform once it is launched.

Download Wild.ID

What is the Wildlife Picture Index?

The WPI is an indicator derived from primary camera trap data designed to meet the requirements of biodiversity monitoring indexes. The WPI can be aggregated at the level of a site, sites within a region, sites within a continent, or globally. The TEAM Network adopted this indicator as a way to synthesize and understand the effects of climate change and land use change on tropical terrestrial mammal and bird diversity. Wildlife Insights is hard at work to create a new analytics system that will harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to allow users to create custom WPI datasets and automatically calculate the WPI and other analytical products.