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Wildlife Insights Learning Center


Whether you are starting a small project or launching a national initiative, Wildlife Insights is being built to help you use wildlife data. Learn how easy it is to manage your camera trap data with Wildlife Insights. Click on a topic below to get started or download a pdf of the manual!

If you have camera trap data to share and would like to sign up as a trusted tester of Wildlife Insights to streamline cataloguing of your data, please provide us with details about your projects and datasets. Wildlife Insights is currently in beta and will be approving new accounts on a rolling basis. 


Wildlife Insights 101

Create an account and get started uploading your data!

Direct Uploads

Upload new, uncatalogued data directly to the platform to take advantage of WI's AI species identification

Bring in Catalogued Data

Upload your existing catalog of photos in bulk so you can access all of your data in one place

API Integration

Even if you're not ready to change data management systems, you can still share your data via our API. 

Identify Images

Use filters and tools to quickly review results of our artificial intelligence models

Collaborate and Share

Invite your team and share data with the world! 

Project Details & Preferences

Learn how to set your project preferences and edit project details

Video Tutorials

Learn at your own pace with our Video Tutorials


Learn how Wildlife Insights defines technical terms